Smurfs Whirl and Twirl (Pressman) (Brand New)

$ 19.99 

Have fun with the entertaining and fun Smurfs Whirl and Twirl Clumsy game. Watch Clumsy as he spins around until he stops in front of a player and releases a card to the selected player. If you are lucky you may get a card needed for your playing board. Cover it up and you are getting closer to winning. Or you may get a smurfy surprise and pass your cards or even your whole board to another player!. The Whirl and Twirl game is part of the wider range of Pressman Toy Smurfs games and puzzles and are released in conjunction with the entertaining 3D film appearing in cinemas in the Summer 2011. The film shows the Smurfs tumbling in to Central Park after being chased from their own world by the evil Gargamel and their quest to return to their own magical land before Gargamel tracks them down.

  • On every turn clumsy spins around then stops in front of a player, when he does, out pops a card from his gift box
  • If you need it, place it on one of your playing boards
  • Special cards have players trading game boards and cards as they try to be the first player to collect the 8 cards they need to win
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Ages 5 and up

This item is Brand New in Original Packaging