Big League Slugger Baseball (Playstation) (Complete - Good)


$ 7.99 

Big League Slugger Baseball
Belt One Outta The Field!

We took Sandlot Baseball to all-new levels of fun and excitement! Big League Slugger Baseball gives players the purest form of the game just like in those pick-up games in the sandlots across America! No complex rules or impossible button combos to remember - it's just, "Hey Batta-Batta! SWING!" for the love of the game!

100% freedom - choose your own team logos, uniforms, and even the skills for each of your players!

Beginner-friendly controls allow even the youngest gamers a shot at smacking one outta the park!

Six stadiums to choose from - each with its own personality that brings back those long summer days and seemingly endless games!

Enough options for even the die-hard diamond fans, but easy enough for kids of all ages to play!