Brady Games: Quantum of Solace Guide (Books) (Pre-Owned)

$ 11.99 

You Are Bond. You are a premier MI6 agent, yet some believe you can’t be trusted, that you’re blinded by inconsolable rage and motivated by revenge. And that your methods are…questionable. This is your chance to silence your critics, but you must negotiate a minefield of treachery, murder, and deceit. Stay one step ahead of the CIA, the terrorists, and even M with this essential guide!   Exhaustive Mission Walkthrough
We lead you step by step through Casino Royale in Montenegro, the canals of Venice, the deserts of Bolivia, the streets of Austria, and every other exotic, dangerous locale from start to finish!   Detailed Single-Player and Multiplayer Maps
Our maps pinpoint mission objectives, security cameras, and other critical areas! Multiplayer maps reveal weapon locations, as well as mode-specific highlights!   Expert Weapon and Combat Training
We show you the tools of the trade and teach you to use them with cold efficiency. Ambush villains with silent, hand-to-hand takedowns or neutralize entire groups with sophisticated firearms and explosives!   That’s Not All!
Every Cell Phone location and message, complete Achievements data, fascinating developer interviews, and more!