Bradygames: Mafia II Strategy Guide (Books) (Pre-Owned)

$ 6.99 

Comprehensive Walkthrough - Guide Vito from Italy to the heart of the Mob, with amazing mission specific maps of every interior location, and expert strategies for all 15 Campaign Chapters. 
The Betrayal of Jimmy - We give you the skinny on the PlayStation 3 exclusive down-loadable content, The Betrayal of Jimmy . 
Maps - Our detailed hi-res maps reveal the seedy underbelly of Empire Bay. Move confidently through Empire Bay s many boroughs with detailed callouts for special locales, hard-to-find Wanted Posters, bars, gas stations, clothing retailers, and cat-houses 
Playboy - You won t miss a single Playmate with our special Playboy sidebars: highlighting location and cover. 
Characters, Weapons, Vehicle Showroom, Paintings, Pinups, Achievements, and more!