ColecoVision System in 'Reconditioned' Box Variant (Colecovision) (Pre-Played - See Details)

$ 159.99 

This item comes complete with Colecovision game console 2 Coleco controllers, AC and AV cords.  This item comes in Coleco "Reconditioned" variant box with original styrofoam.  Not included are manuals or pack-in game. Box shows heavy wear.  If you are ordering online and would like pics of the item please contact us.

The ColecoVision is Coleco Industries' second-generation home video-game console that was released in August 1982. The ColecoVision offered a closer experience to more powerful arcade game systems compared to competitors such as the Atari 2600 and Atari 5200, along with the means to expand the system's basic hardware. 

The ColecoVision was discontinued in 1985 when Coleco withdrew from the video game market.