Commodore 1571 Disk Drive (Commodore 128) (Pre-Played - CIB - Good)

$ 149.99 

The 1571 or Commodore 1571 was a diskdrive made by Commodore as a companion for the C128 in 1985. It is superior to the 1541 in that it can use both sides of the disk, and it has a high speed mode only available on the 128. The 1571 is completely backwards compatible with the C64. When attached to a 64, or a 128 in C64 mode, it will boot into 1541 emulation mode. This emulation is nearly perfect. It is also possible to use the 1571 to read and write disks that have been written on both sides. The 1571 also has a controller that is capable of reading MFM (PC) formatted disks, which makes transferring disks images easier.