Demolition Racer (Playstation) (Pre-Played - CIB - Good)


$ 16.99 

"The Spiritual Sucessor to Destructon Derby 2" - PSM 100% Independent PlayStation Magazine
- High speed full impact racing action - collisions, damage and destruction!
- Incredible cumulative Real-time Damage effects - smoke, fire, hoods fly, tires wobble, and cars show hardcore damage as it happens
- 10 torturous tracks designed for full metal contact
- Insane "last man standing" Demolition Derby bowl matches
- Eight different vehicles to race including the deadly High Impact Hearse
- Death From Above - land on an opponent's roof and score a one-hit kill
- 16 cars on the track in each race
- Smash through destructible fences, barricades, barrels and more
- Two-player split-screen racing and Demolition Derby matches
- Thrashing original soundtrack and remixes by Fear Factory, Junkie XL, Empirion, & Cirrus