Destiny Taken King Collector's Edition (Playstation 4) (Pre-Played - Game Only)

$ 69.99 

Oryx, The Taken King, has arrived in our solar system, bringing with him a corrupted army to exact revenge on the Guardians who destroyed his son Crota.

Destiny: The Taken King - Collector's Edition is perfect for new and existing Guardians that are ready to jump into the Destiny universe or continue to carve their legend in the stars. Unite with 20 million Guardians in the fight to defeat Earth's enemies, reclaim all that we have lost, and Become Legend. Throughout the Tower, Cayde-6 has secreted away stashes of his coveted information - clues to a long forgotten past, trail heads leading to lost weapons. You have found one of these caches, a book - a preserved 1883 copy of Treasure Island from the Destiny universe - tucked into the Speaker's library.