DVD Remote Control (Playstation 2) (Pre-Played - Accessory)


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SKU: PL2AAC42711

Sony DVD / Playstation Remote Control Model # SCPH-10150.

Play your favorite movies without any wires or other hassles! Modeled to match the sleek design of the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the DVD Remote has all the features of a standard controller plus enhanced DVD capabilities.

Discover even more DVD features with an updated version of the PlayStation 2 DVD driver for use with the DVD Remote Control--Slow Motion, Chapter Program, A=B Repeat, Shuffle, Repeat, and Three-Speed Scan are all accessible at the push of a button, as are all of the basic PlayStation 2 DVD functions such as Audio Track selection, Subtitle display, and Multi-Angle options.

Two new buttons, the "Open/Close" button (opens and closes the disk tray from the remote) and the "Reset" button (duplicates the function of the Reset button located on the front of the PlayStation 2 console) have been added to the DVD remote design.

Label text for the "Title" and "DVD Menu" buttons on the old remote has been changed to "Top Menu" and "Menu" respectively on the new remote. Functionality of these buttons remains unchanged.

The new DVD remote (model SCPH-10420) will not be compatible with PlayStation 2 consoles having model numbers beginning with SCPH-30xxx, SCPH-35xxx, or SCPH-39xxx unless you already have an IR receiver (SCPH-10160). For PlayStation 2 console model numbers SCPH-30001 and SCPH-35001, you will need a copy of the DVD remote control software disc and a Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation 2).

If you already own the IR receiver (and software disc where necessary), the new remote may offer similar functionality to their old remote control unit. However, the 'Open/Close' and 'Reset' buttons on the new remote will not function.

The IR receiver and software disc will not be available as a stand-alone package or individually.

Additional information:

A Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation 2) (sold separately) is required to use the DVD remote control with console model numbers SCPH-30001 and SCPH-35001GT.