E.T. Digital Companion (Gameboy Color) (Pre-Played - Game Only)


$ 4.99 

E.T.: Digital Planner stores all sorts of contact information, keeps your calendar, lets you create to-do lists, and more. It's got a real-time clock so you won't miss a beat--and it's even password protected for privacy.

This fun and friendly personal digital assistant also will delight you with its animation, pictures, color, music, and five games. You can test your E.T. trivia knowledge, play concentration, do the tile puzzle, compete in a bicycle race, or take care of Flopgopple, a lovable E.T. virtual pet.

E.T.-styled icons and space astronomy themes make navigation easy and fun. A data export lets you share addresses, messages, and secrets at the push of a button. And because it's compatible with the Game Boy printer, you can print your contacts, lists, and more.