Game Enhancer II (Playstation) (Pre-Played - Game Only)

$ 59.99 

A simple device that plugs into the parallel I/O port of your psx console. It provides many different useful functions, such as a built-in gameshark and the  ability to play imports and backups with ease. In other words, it is an alternative to opening your  psx  and installing a modchip. With a psx game enhancer, all you do is plug it in and play, but there is one catch. You must SWAP the backups/imports first with any original black-cd. However, swapping is made easy with our Game Enhancer . Due to the 1999 EMS Bios version, the psx black bottomed disk will come to a complete stop within 2 sec before you do the swap. The advantages are that they can be used as a gameshark, they do not void your psx warranty, and it can be easily transported from one console to another.