IFC World Tour: Caged Combat (2004) (Movies) (Pre-Owned - Complete)


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Smuggled Out Of The Ukraine And Into North America Comes The Footage Of Some Of The Fiercest Brave American Team Goes Behind The Former Iron Curtain To Do Battle In Kiev.

There Is No Escape As John Loper, Paul "The Polar Bear" Varlens, And Other American Gladiators Fight For Their Very Survival Within The Steel Cage.  It's An Eight-Man Heavyweight War Against Former Soviet Army And KGB Fighters.  For The First Time Ever, Igor Vovchanchyn Will Be Seen By The West.

1) Preliminary - Dimitri "The Viper" Eliseev vs Justin "The Machine" Martin
2) Preliminary - Ruslan Kriviy vs Peter Khmelev
3) Preliminary- Igor Akamedov vs Richard "Red" Heard
4) First Round Heavyweight - John Dixon vs Alexander "The Dragon" Mandrak
5) First Round Heavyweight - Gerry "Big Cat" Harris vs Igor "Hans" Guerus
6) First Round Heavyweight - Paul "Polar Bear" Varelans vs Valery "The Russian" Nikulln
7) First Round Heavyweight - Fred "The Mangler" Floyd vs Igor Vovchanchin
8) John Lober vs Eric Hebestreit
9) Semi Final Heavyweight - John Dixon vs Igor "Hans" Guerus
10) Semi Final Heavyweight - Paul "Polar Bear" Varelans vs Igor Vovchanchin
The Beaches Of Biloxi Turn Red, As John Lober Meets Canada's Jamie Fawcett In The Steel Cage For The IWC World Heavyweight Championship, And With Lober There Are Never Rules!  Some Of America's Best Kickboxers Discover What "No Holds Barred" Really Means.
Anthony "Mad Dog" Macias, William Knorr, Mississippi State Police Tactical Trainer Houston Dorr Test Their KickBoxing Skills Against Jiu Jitsu And Wrestling Specialists Gene Lydick And Brian Gassway.  It's Winner Takes All In This Eight Man, Single Elimination Tournament
With The IFC's Special "If-You-Can't-Break-It- Or-Choke-It-Within-Two-Minutes-On-The-Ground-Then-You-Start-It-Again" Rule, The Action Is A Guaranteed Slugfest.

1) Preliminary - Justin Martin vs Alfredo Ramirez
2) Preliminary - Robert Garcia vs Richard Bonin
3) Preliminary - "Big" Gerry Harris vs Harry Moskowitz SuperHeavyweight Championship Tournament 
4) First Round - Houston Dorr vs "Big" Kevin Rosier
5) First Round - Anthony "Mad Dog" Macias vs Gene Lydick
6) First Round - William Knorr vs Jack "Mad Man" McGlaughlin
7) First Round - Brian Gassaway vs Michael Pacholik
8) Semi-Final - Anthony "Mad Dog" Macias vs Houston Dorr
9) Semi-Final - Brian Gassaway vs William Knorr
- From IFC 1 Kombat In Kiev - John Lober vs Eric Heberstreit
10) IFC Heavyweight Title - John Lober vs Jamie Faucett 
11) Finals - Anthony "Mad Dog" Macias vs Brian Gassaway 

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