InterAct GamePad Green (Playstation) (Pre-Played - Game Only)

$ 6.99 

Inexpensive, rugged, and available in a wide variety of pretty colors, the InterAct GamePad is the perfect choice for a secondary PlayStation controller.

The controller's directional pad is slightly raised, making rolls much easier to perform. Hard-core gamers, however, may wish to file down the slightly-too-sharp ridges of the directional pad's "plus sign." Buttons are solid, not mushy, and spaced slightly wider than the buttons on the standard PlayStation controller. This little bit of extra room makes "triangle-ex" and "square-circle" button combinations a breeze. A handy turbo button completes the controller's appeal. --Mike Fehlauer


  • Inexpensive
  • Nimble directional pad
  • Satisfying buttons
  • 7-foot cord