Mega Bloks Pyrates Skull Cave Mutuny Isle (Toys) (Brand New)

$ 49.99 

As the legend goes, the Lord of the Pyrates, upon dying, ordered his riches to be spread out throughout the world. However, the crew executing the mission was lost at sea and the bounty has never been recovered. With the Mutiny Isle playset, kids can enter the pirate world of treachery and skullduggery and create their own scenes relating to the legend. The action figures arrive inside a menacing skull case with one patch eye and one glowing green eye. The back of the skull converts into the base of the island, which consists of little more than a dock and a palm tree. Guarding the galley and, presumably some of the treasure is Scrapedeath, a not-quite-dead member of the missing skeleton crew. Equipped with machete and cannon, this eerie corpse poses a threat to armed Privateers Anchor Kreegman and Dawson Doubloon, who must survive the shark-infested waters and this vile pirate to recover a portion of the treasure. This playset can be combined with many others in the Pyrates collection (sold separately) for endless swashbuckling adventures on the high seas