NES Advantage Controller (Nintendo NES) (Pre-Played - Game Only)


$ 24.99 

The NES Advantage is an arcade style controller released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987. The NES Advantage features adjustable turbo controls for the A and B buttons which could be toggled on or off with a button; users can adjust the rate of the turbo (i.e., how quickly the A or B button is pressed) by adjusting the respective turbo dials located above each button.[1] The Advantage features a pseudo–slow motion feature, which users can toggle on and off by pressing the "slow" button.

Upon the Advantage's initial release in 1987, it was well received as a great way to get the "arcade experience" at home. Since its successful release in the '80s, the NES Advantage has received little media attention, but has continued to be regarded as one of the best NES accessories ever produced.