Prima: The Godfather Official Game Guide (Books) (Pre-Owned)

$ 7.99 

An Offer You Can't Refuse…
• Details on every building, business, racket, hub, and compound revealed
• Covers The Godfather: Mob Wars for the PSP (PlayStation Portable)
• Covers the new Xbox 360 and PSP (PlayStation Portable) versions of the game PLUS all previous versions as 
• Includes everything you need to dominate as the Don of New York City and complete 100% of the game
• Optimal tactics and multiple paths for every mission and contract hit
• Learn all BlackHand attacks, execution styles, and extortion techniques
• All secrets uncovered — from safes, heists, and film reels to racket trucks and weapon upgrades
• How to maximize you money and respect
• Double-sided poster inside!