Shanghai: The Great Wall [Japan Import] (Sega Saturn) (Pre-Played - CIB - Good)

$ 9.99 

This is the Japanese release of Shanghai: The Great Wall for Sega Saturn. This is a mahjongg tile-matching collection pack of 4 games.  A player can also choose which type of mahjongg game they wish to play and which tile-set to use. The tile sets include: a set made from art masterpieces, American folk songs, famous lovers, great scientists/inventions, and old Sci-fi films. When a tile is matched with its partner-tile, an animated video and audio clip is played. Players can also play in Solitaire mode, 2-player mode or tournaments.

The game was also known as Shanghai: Triple Threat in the USA, and was also released for the PC-FX, Playstation, 3DO, SNES and Sharp X68000. With over 10 different soundtracks, a collection of pictures for the backgrounds and an intense gameplay, Shanghai: Triple Threat is the best of its generation. Definitively something to get if you like Mah-Jong!