Street Fighter V Collector's Edition Guide (Prima) (Brand New)

$ 13.99 

The Street Fighter V guide includes...

Only in the Collector’s Edition: 
   • Collectible hardcover guide with exclusive art! 
   • Bonus 16-page art gallery featuring F.A.N.G., Laura, Necalli, and Rashid! 
   • Collector’s Edition eGuide Included Updated for one year! 
   • Special Edition 10"x8" Matted Art Print - Suitable for Framing 

FULL FRAME DATA FOR EVERY CHARACTER - Every attack in the game and all the data at your fingertips. Learn the range, damage, advantage, and disadvantage of all the moves in Street Fighter V.

RELIABLE COMBOS FOR EVERY CHARACTER - Learn “go to” combos for every member of the cast to put opposing players on their heels and create a cornerstone for your offense.

COMPREHENSIVE CHARACTER STRATEGY - Research the strengths and weaknesses of every fighter. Learn tips, tactics, and tricks from our tournament veterans that will put your opponents under pressure and lead you to victory. 

FREE Mobile-Friendly eGuide - Enjoy all the content from our printed strategy guide in a convenient, easy-to-use, web-access companion. Plus, this eGuide will be updated to include frame rate data, game changes, and the first season* of DLC.

*Includes new modes and additional characters for up to one year post game release (2/16/16-2/16/17).