Street Sk8er 2 (Playstation) (Complete - Good)


$ 12.99 

_dream it_build it_sk8 it_
...turn an abandoned warehouse into your own personal skate park with Bowls, Pipes, Rails, and more!
- Create your own Custom Skate Parks. Easy as Select, Scroll, and Skate! Save on a memory card; Skate in a friend's game.
- Smash through windows, break furniture, set off car alarms, and more.
- Pro and Amateur Trick Systems for 2 levels of challenge.
- Skate Halfpipes, Bowls, Big Air, Parks, and City Streets. Compete in 10 events or Free Skate anywhere.
- Multiplayer Competition: 2-way split-screen, Pool Duel mini game, 4 player serial play.
- Killer sounds from the Deftones, Ministry, Shootyz Groove, Static X, Showoff, Citizen King, 8stops7, Chick Magnets, and Del the Funky Homosapian