Take the Money and Run (Odyssey 2) (Pre-Played)


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SKU: OD2AAC34081

TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN! Your Time Machine has crash-landed in the year 231,000 A.D. You are in the Land of Keynesium-an ultra-sophisticated civilization possessing enormous intellectual curiosity about economic life in the ancient days of the Twentieth Century. You do your best to describe how the Old Ones spent so much of their time chasing money in the run-around of the rat race. You introduce them to the concepts of profit and loss. You tell them about income, expenses, dividends, bear markets, bull markets, taxes and inflation. The Keynesians think you are putting them on-but they give you every opportunity to prove your wild tales. They construct the ultimate rat race-more than a trillion different mazes populated by robots representing the economic factors of a long ago time and place. They start you off with $500,000. If you can turn it into a million, you are free to return to your own time. Otherwise-you are doomed to wander through the trillion maze electronic labyrinth of Keynesium forever!