Tall Infinity (Playstation) (Pre-Played - Game Only)


$ 7.99 

Quick Thinking and Fast Feet will Take You to the Top!

With everything falling down all around you, wouldn't it be nice to build up something good for a change? The game of TALL is a non-stop, pile-it-high, right-up-to-the-sky kind of game that is both challenging and refreshing! This action/puzzle game allows you to build impossibly tall towers of stone by matching colored block pieces together in a race against the clock! Can you break the all-time high score?

*Roll and match the colors to instantly build impressive towers!
*Special Combo Moves and Chain Reactions send you straight to the clouds!
*The concept reinforces the positive elements of building and puzzle-solving to create all-new challenges in each level!
*Fun, gripping entertainment for the whole family!