Tecmo Bowl (Nintendo NES) (Pre-Played - Game Only)


$ 14.99 

The original arcade version is distinguished by a large two-monitor cabinet, support for up to four players, and the ability to break tackles. Only two fictional teams can be chosen: the Wildcats and the Bulldogs. The 2D graphics are also more advanced than the NES version, with the arcade original having a larger color palette and more detailed sprites.

The NES version allows two players rather than the arcade's four players. The player can choose between three modes: one-player, two-player, and coach. In one-player mode, the player picks a football team and plays against the computer. After every game that the player wins, the computer picks another team to play as, and the player stays with the original choice. In the two-player and coach modes, the player and another human will play one game but the players only choose the plays in the coach mode (which cannot be done in the arcade version).

In both versions, the playbook consists of only four offensive plays. When on defense, a player selects a play based on the anticipation of the offense's choice; if chosen correctly, it results in a collapse of the offensive line and well-covered receivers, therefore setting up either a potential sack or an interception.

Although featuring the names and statistics of real NFL players from the 1988 season, the gameplay limits how closely the video game players mimicks real life players. Unlike the NFL, the arcade version only allows ten players for each team on the field at a time and the NES version only consists of nine on each side. The offensive player with the ball tries to avoid the defenders, the defenders tries to avoid blockers and catch the player with the ball.