A note to our customers about Coronavirus (Updated 11/15/20)

A note to our customers about Coronavirus (Updated 11/15/20)

Insuring the safety and health of our customers and employees is one of our daily concerns during this time of uncertainty. The management team at J2Games.com continues to monitor the advice provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as information provided by local health experts within the State of NJ on best practices.

Our stores and J2Games.com website are open during this time (as allowed.) Our stores are open to in-person visitors.  We have instituted the following procedures to maximize safety for our customers while visiting in-person or ordering from us:

1. The maximum capacity of in store visitors is 10 at any time.  This is INCLUSIVE of our staff.  While it is slightly below state guidelines we want to insure safe capacity of people and allow ourselves to properly interact.

2. Our stores are being sanitized regularly.  This includes wiping down counter tops, credit card terminals, game equipment and machines, door handles and any other common element surfaces.  Please refrain from handling the arcade machines which will remain powered off until we are allowed to let gamers play again.

3. Our employees will be regularly sanitizing/washing their hands per guidance provided by the WHO (every 30 minutes or more often as needed.) We are also monitoring our employee's general health and asking anyone not feeling well for any reason to stay home and utilize sick days. 

4. Our employees are taking their temperature daily before the beginning of each shift and logging that they did so.  Anyone with irregular temperature is being asked to follow general safety guidelines including staying home, quarantining and speaking with medical professionals where/when needed.

5. Online Ordering: Items ordered online for shipment will be cleaned with sanitizing wipes (where possible - obviously some products cannot be wiped down without ruining them.) 

We ask the following of our In-Store customers:

1. If you are not feeling well, please utilize the www.J2Games.com website for placing your order vs coming in store.  Most items ship within 24 hours and anyone located in NJ will generally receive their shipment within 2 days (weekend exceptions apply.)

2. If you'd like to pick-up in store and not ready to enter a store: simply call your local store and we will gladly bring the items curbside to you. (please call ahead so we can insure your order is ready!)  We will contactless drop the items into the trunk of your vehicle to insure safety. 

3. All of our tabletop gaming related activities (card games, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons) are being halted until further notice :(  we are just as upset by this as you are but hope to resume once things are safe!

4. We will resume our Smash Bros/Mario Kart tournaments and in store play once we get the greenlight from NJ Health Directors and Local government.

Be well!  Do the smart thing: BE SAFE, keep beating those end-bosses and Happy Gaming!

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