How May We Help?


When do you ship online orders?

We ship online orders 7 days a week, often within 24 hours of receiving them through UPS/FedEx/USPS depending on the item’s size and value.

Are all your online orders shipped with tracking numbers?

Yes, our system also alerts customers with milestones in the delivery process through tracking numbers.

Used Games

Do you accept trade-ins?

Yes, we love trade-ins! We pay cash or store credit for fully functioning video games, video game systems, accessories, arcade machines and pinball machines from early Atari to the newest game systems.

Is it possible to see a photo of the actual game in question before ordering it online?

Yes, feel free to give us a call during open hours or live chat with us from the home page with any questions or concerns before buying.

Do you have a quality rating system for Pre-Played products?

Yes, our games come in 6 different condition ratings as follows: New - New product in original packaging with original components. We also offer new release items for the latest game systems including PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and accept pre-orders for items not yet released. Complete - Very Good - Product is CIB (complete in box) with all original components. Includes jewel case/box, artwork, instruction manuals and any included items where applicable. All items will show very little to no wear. Complete - Good - Product is complete and will include jewel case/box, artwork and manuals. Cartridge labels, disks and manuals will show light wear from normal use. Game Only - Products may not be complete. These items may consist of the game or system/accessory only and may not include boxes or manuals. These products are still great to play but will show wear from normal use and may have sticker or marker residue on them. Uglies - Products may not be pretty, but will definitely work! We sometimes get items that show significant label damage, dents, deep scratches and cracks that we’re happy to offer at a discount. Note: We don't guarantee that DLC codes will function outside of Brand New items within 12 months of original release date.


Do you offer a warranty with your products?

We provide a 30 day warranty on every product purchased from us.

Do you have a refurbishing process Pre-Played products?

We subject all of our trade-in products to an in-depth refurbishing process that includes cleaning all the contact points on game cartridges and system cartridge slots, changing pin connectors on Nintendo NES units and testing the lasers on all cd based units. Newer systems are "factory restored" to reset the hard drive and remove all user content. We process all disk based media through a professional grade RTI disc resurfacing machine that ensures the discs are virtually scratch free so as to not interrupt game play.