Privacy Policy

At J2Games we are committed to your right to privacy. We collect personal information from our customers in the regular course of doing business. We have developed this Privacy Policy to explain our practices for the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information.

This Privacy Policy applies to our J2Games retail stores, our websites and to any other channels owned or operated by J2Games that is used for the sale of products or services.

When you provide us with personal information to complete a transaction, place a pre-order, provide feedback, make an inquiry or return a purchase, we assume you consent to our collecting your personal information and using it for that specific purpose.

If we ask you for personal information for a secondary purpose, like contests, we will either ask you directly for your consent or provide you with an opportunity to say no. If you accept an offer made by any of our third party marketing partners, we will disclose your relevant personal information, including name, and address, to that third party, in accordance with the terms of the offer.

Express and Implied Consent – We may ask you to give your express consent, such as by checking a box to indicate your consent to receive marketing communications, or by providing your signature to indicate your acceptance of the use and disclosure terms presented on an application form. Other times, where permitted by applicable laws we may obtain your consent implicitly when we can reasonably conclude that you've given consent by some action you have taken or an action you have decided not to take. Generally, this occurs where the purpose for use of your personal information would be reasonably apparent to you or a natural extension of a purpose for which you have provided your express consent. 

How to Change or Withdraw Your Consent - You may notify us at any time that you wish to withdraw or change your consent to our use and disclosure of your information. We will accommodate your request following receipt of such notice, subject to legal and contractual restrictions related to your transactions and the preservation of any rights and remedies that we may have as well as preservation of any evidence.

If you have "opted in" or subscribed to one of our newsletters or mailing lists, we will always provide you the opportunity to "opt out" or unsubscribe. For example, each e-newsletter we send to you will include a link or other method to unsubscribe or decline further e-newsletters.

When you choose to provide us with your personal information you consent to the use, disclosure and retention of your personal information as provided in this Privacy Policy and as may be further provided at or prior to the time of collection.