Nintendo Mario Kart 64 Tournament Sunday May 7th @ 12 noon!

Nintendo Mario Kart 64 Tournament Sunday May 7th @ 12 noon!

Continuing our 2017 tournaments and hot on the success of Super Smash Bros Melee, brings back the old school with a Mario Kart 64 tournament on the most loved Nintendo 64! See details below.
TIME: Starts at 12 noon Sunday May 7th in the shop in Collingwood Market (1350 NJ-33, Farmingdale, NJ 07727) 
COST: $5 - Includes arcade and console access all day.
PRIZES: - 1St Prize: 100% entry fee collection cash!  More prizes announced soon.
2nd and 3rd prizes include game systems and store credit.


  • Game version: US Nintendo 64
  • Multiplayer VS race (up to 4 players at once) 1st & 2nd place moves on
  • 150cc Karts
  • 1 complete circuit - 4 Races
  • Initial races - Flower Cup
  • Semi and Finals - Star Cup
  • May use your own controller (if all in agreement, otherwise we will provide controllers.)
  • If multiple players choose the same character, a coin flip will determine who gets first pick
  • No course glitches/shortcuts are allowed. A glitch/shortcut is a path that “goes against the spirit of the game and the intents of the course designers.” A path that cuts off half of the course or skips a lap is considered a glitch.

3 rounds of random tracks, and 2 rounds of Battle mode will decide your fates. The first and second place players from each round will move forward in the bracket until there is only 1 left.

Register anytime before the tournament at the arcade front counter including day of.

Good luck!

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