Ordering from J2Games.com and our products

Ordering from J2Games.com and our products

Thanks for visiting the J2Games.com store.  You will find that our inventory is constantly changing as games, systems and accessories are traded into the store. We sell these items across our branded website, Amazon shop and our physical store.  Rest assured, we employ the best inventory controls to insure that what you order is in stock and ready to ship at all times!

When ordering from J2Games.com please note the following:

1. We ship items daily!

2. All items are shipped via USPS with tracking numbers.  Depending on the size and/or value of the item, we will ship with insurance and signature confirmation (at our expense.)

3. Please note the description on the item you are ordering.  Acceptable items are perfect for the playable part of your game collection.  If you are seeking displayable items, stick with our Like New or Brand New listings.  Items that are Good or Very Good are perfect for everyday use and you'll find they are nicely showable. :)

4. We professionally resurface all game discs including CD, DVD and Blu-Ray mediums.  This insures a scratch free disc and proper gameplay.  If you are ordering cartridge based games we also professionally clean the contacts on the cartridges to insure a solid and clean connection. This also means you wont find dirt buildup in your game system from our games!

5. In some cases downloadable content might have already been redeemed.  If the item is Brand New and for a current generation console - the downloadable content will be included.  Otherwise, assume that it will not be part of the purchase.

6. If you are unhappy with a purchase for any reason, simply contact us and we will be happy to work with you to troubleshoot, return and/or exchange/refund your purchase.

You'll find that you will be pleased with your experience in our store.  Myself and my staff are ready and anxious to talk gaming with you or make recommendations.  I hold all of us to the highest customer service expectations. You'll find this in our physical shop as well as dealing with us online here or our other online shops. Our goal is to insure a great experience and continued great gaming.

If at any time you need support, you can simply email me directly at [email protected].

Happy Gaming! Jay

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