RetroRewind: Kangaroo (the arcade machine)

RetroRewind: Kangaroo (the arcade machine)

Outside of the ports to the Atari 2600, Atari 5200 and Commodoe 64 computers, we have seen this game most recently hit the Nintendo Switch as a download game.  Still as difficult today as it was back in 1982!

The Kangaroo arcade machine is a classic video game released by Sun Electronics in 1982. The game was designed by Yutaka Takahashi, who also designed other popular arcade games such as Space Invaders and Super Breakout.

In Kangaroo, players control a mother kangaroo who must rescue her kidnapped joey from a group of monkeys. The game is set in a jungle, and players must navigate through a series of levels while avoiding obstacles and enemies. The gameplay involves jumping, climbing, and throwing punches to defeat the monkeys and progress through the game.

One of the standout features of Kangaroo was its colorful graphics and detailed animations. The game used a unique color palette that was different from other games of the time, and the character designs were whimsical and charming.

The game's sound effects and music were also memorable, featuring catchy tunes and playful sound effects that added to the game's overall charm and appeal.

Kangaroo was a commercial success and became a popular fixture in arcades around the world. The game was also ported to several home consoles, including the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and Commodore 64.

Despite its popularity, Kangaroo did not spawn any sequels or spin-offs. However, the game's legacy lives on in the hearts of retro gaming enthusiasts, and it remains a beloved classic of the arcade era.

In recent years, Kangaroo has been included in various retro gaming compilations and has been made available for play on modern gaming platforms through emulation. This has helped to introduce the game to a new generation of gamers who may not have had the chance to experience it during its heyday.

Overall, the Kangaroo arcade machine is a beloved classic of the video game industry. Its colorful graphics, catchy music, and fun gameplay have earned it a special place in the hearts of retro gaming enthusiasts around the world.

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My experience with this game was on an old Atari 5200. Always had a Donkey Kong feel to me but having boxing gloves! With Kao The Kangaroo releasing last year, there is probably more room for Kangaroo protagonists.


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