Vectrex now in stock!

Vectrex now in stock!

We recently added Vectrex games to inventory.  As these are highly collectible items, we thought to add a blog post with some further details.

All of the games listed below are complete.  This includes the original box, game cartridge, game manual and overlay in paper sleeve.  (yes, THAT complete!)  We rated the condition based on the outer box and overlay wear.  Some of the boxes have slight defects from where they were repeatedly opened.  Most of the manuals are perfect and look like they were never used.  Most of the overlays are scratch free or show only the slightest wear from use.

We also have a Vectrex model 3000 system in stock at this time, it includes the owner manual, built in MineStorm game and MineStorm overlay (no paper sleeve for this overlay.)  Due to the complexity of shipping an item like this, it is NOT available on our website.  If you have interest please contact us via email or call the store to discuss.  Lastly, we have one additional Vectrex controller in stock.  We will add this to inventory shortly.

Now in stock for Vectrex:

Armor Attack (Vectrex) (Good)
Bedlam (Vectrex) (Very Good)
Berzerk (Vectrex) (Good)
Blitz! (Vectrex) (Good)
Clean Sweep (Vectrex) (Good)
Cosmic Chasm (Vectrex) (Very Good)
Fortress of Narzod (Vectrex) (Pre-Played)
Heads-Up Action Soccer (Vectrex) (Good)
Hyperchase (Vectrex) (Good)
Rip Off (Vectrex) (Very Good)
Scramble (Vectrex) (Very Good)
Solar Quest (Vectrex) (Very Good)
Space Wars (Vectrex) (Pre-Played)
Spike (Vectrex) (Good)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Vectrex) (Very Good)
Starhawk (Vectrex) (Good)
Web Wars (Vectrex) (Very Good)
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