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We blew up our website to bring you something great!

We blew up our website to bring you something great!

21 years ago we set out with an audacious goal. We were going to sell video games, game consoles and accessories across all 8 classic game systems.  Yup, ALL 8!  We had Atari 2600 and all the consoles right up through the Nintendo NES.  100's of titles seemed like a daunting task but we were going to get it done!  We opened our online store and started selling.

Jet 21 years forward to today; we now stock video games, games consoles and accessories across 40+ platforms and the import versions of these systems.  We crossed over into gaming related items like card and board games, toys, plush and other collectible items.  AND, we realized with 10's of thousands of items we needed a better website.

So, we did the logical thing... we blew it up!   We rebuilt our entire inventory system. We simplified our in store and online systems.  We merged our IT, hired a few bright bright souls to put it all together and shazam! The All New!

So, what does this mean for our customers?

1. Enhanced Search Function: its easier to find products in our inventory, whether you want Game Only, Complete In Box or Brand New Items. Search by system, by genre or even manufacturer.  We added all of the details.

2. Wishlist feature: Now we can alert you when those harder to find items come in stock. (you'll be the first to know!)

3. Single interface when In Store or Online: Rewards, discounts, gift cards and store credit can be used both Online and In Store.

4. Inventory Location: You asked which of our stores an item you wanted was in, now our site will tell you! You can still order online and we'll mail it or if you want to see something first, you'll know exactly where it's located!

5. Mail-In Trade-Ins: We've been doing this for ages and now the process is more formalized.  Mail in your trades, we process them ASAP and alert you to the Cash (paid via PayPal) or Store Credit amount (which can be spent on our website.)  Store credit still gets you the same 10% bump!

6. Join the community!  We're all tired of the Pandemic but while we're still somewhat limited, we are planning events for when we can safely resume full activity.  We will be relaunching our Dungeons & Dragon's gaming nights, as well as, Magic the Gathering and Pokemon Trading card games.  We will also go back to hosting our popular Smash Bros and Mario Kart tournaments.  And we'll be adding back our Monthly High Score tournament.  Our in-store game areas and arcade and pinball machines will also resume operation. As the old game says: "Big Money, Big Prizes, I Love It!"

If this isn't enough for you, we have a number of services coming after we survive the 2020 Holidays.  I wish I could tell you... maybe you'll guess from our Instagram posts... Stay tuned!

As always, Stay Safe and Happy Gaming!  J2Games 

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