What do our "Pre-Played" games look like?

What do our "Pre-Played" games look like?

Ordering from our website is always fast and easy.  And, all of our items are backed up by our 30-day warranty so you are always protected.  If you ever have questions about an item, simply call our store and we'll be happy to help you out! (732) 455-8550.

You might have noticed: when combing our website each game listed has a 'condition' rating associated with it.  We wanted to take a minute to explain:

1. Pre-Played - Game Only: (this is the big one) When ordering a "game only" listing we include as much 'extra' as we have.  This means your game will come in a case (we don't ever send those crappy paper sleeves!)  In most cases, CD/DVD based games come in their original case with artwork, but DO NOT include the game manual.  For cartridge based games, we include Universal Game Cases complete with reproduction artwork. (obviously we try our hardest to emulate original artwork but sometimes they are custom designed replicas.) If custom artwork is included on a game originally released in a cd jewel case - we include a DVD jewel case with artwork (reproducing the cd jewel case artwork just never looks good.)  If we have manuals for the games, we throw them in with reproduction cases but still grade these items as "game only."  We figure its safe to under-promise and over-deliver, you'll be pleased with your order!

2. Brand New: obviously these items are brand new, complete in original packaging, unopened and inclusive of all items, original seals, stickers, sleeves, etc.

3. Pre-Played - CIB - (various conditions): this is our designation for CIB = 'Complete in Box' items.  These are games, systems or accessories that come in the original packaging with original artwork, instruction manuals, and other related items.  The box has been opened and the item is pre-played. If the item has an internal clock battery, it has been tested and replaced if needed. We grade these items based on their cosmetic condition from Like New to Very Good to Good. 

Any item below a Good rating fall into our 'Uglies' category.

4. Uglies: these are items that work, they just aren't pretty!  Think of how the Nintendo NES and SNES game consoles "yellow" - we call that an Ugly! If the game label is damaged, torn, worn or missing... these are uglies as well.  Again, it works and we've tested them, but they ain't pretty so we are selling them cheap! 

(A comment on Broken/Defective items: we never sell junk, so you will never find us selling broken or defective items under the guise that they are "repairable."  As we test all of our items, we fix what is fixable and dispose of the rest.  Any reputable store does the same. If you want junk go hit the local flea market.)

We're happy to send images of the actual item upon request.  No, we won't send you 100's of pics, but if there is a game you are particularly interested in we are happy to send images over.  Collectors in particular are looking for specific variants - we get it as we collect ourselves.  Just let us know how we can help!

Happy Gaming!

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