Indy 500 Driving Controller (Atari 2600) (Pre-Played - Game Only)

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SKU: 2600I5DCPP5

The Atari driving controller is the pack-in controller for Indy 500. Though similar in appearance to the paddle controller, the driving controller's spinner can be rotated infinitely (the paddle has a hard lock after a complete spin, and rebounds to center). The driving controller is only supported by the single game, but like the paddle, underwent a minor re-design in 1978, a year after release.

The driving controller was packed in pairs with Indy 500, but each controller has its own input, allowing only two-player simultaneous play (compared to the paddles' four). Though the controller is generically branded for driving games, other driving games (such as Night Driver) use the paddle or joystick, not the driving controller.