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Sega Dreamcast Fishing Controller w/ Sega Bass Fishing (Sega Dreamcast)

Sega Dreamcast Fishing Controller w/ Sega Bass Fishing (Sega Dreamcast)

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Type: Controllers

System: Sega

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Includes Sega Fishing controller and a CIB Sega Bass Fishing game!

The Fishing Controller, known as the Tsuri Controller (つりコントロr-ラ) in Japan, is a specialised peripheral for the Sega Dreamcast for use in fishing games. Though fishing controllers have been seeen both before and since, the Fishing Controller stands as the only "official" fishing peripheral for a video game console to date, being manufactured by Sega shortly after the console's debut for use with Sega Bass Fishing.

The Fishing Controller is shaped like a fishing rod, though lacks a line at the end. A, B, X, Y and Start buttons are mounted on the top of the unit along with an analogue stick, and unique to this device is a fishing reel on the right hand side, which can be turned to reel in fish. The controller also has basic motion sensing capabilities, being able to detect when the device is moved left, right, up or down. The controller also vibrates if a fish is caught. It is one of the few accessories with no space for a VMU.

The peripheral is compatible with a handful of fishing games, but also SoulCalibur and Virtua Tennis (the latter being discovered to allow players to play the game in a Wii Tennis-esque fashion). It is not compatible with the Big the Cat fishing sections in Sonic Adventure. Games which only require buttons and the analogue stick will also function perfectly fine.

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