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Turtle Bridge (Model TL-28) (Game & Watch) (Toys)

Turtle Bridge (Model TL-28) (Game & Watch) (Toys)

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Type: Video Game Consoles

System: Nintendo

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Turtle Bridge is a Game & Watch game that was released as part of the Wide Screen series on February 1, 1982

Gameplay: A tourist receives items and must cross a bridge of five turtles to deliver the items to another tourist on the other side of a lake. Each time the player delivers an item, they earn three points. On the way back to the home bank to grab the next item, the player earns from two to twelve extra points depending on how fast they return. However, the turtles at times go down into the lake to eat fish, and if the player jumps onto or stays on a descending turtle, that player falls into the lake and loses a life. Also, the player might need to wait for the tourist on the far bank to appear and cannot return to the home bank while carrying an item. As time passes, more fish appear. If the player reaches 200 or 500 points without any misses, no fish appear for the turtles for 20 to 40 seconds. If the player has any misses at either score, every miss is cleared instead. The player receives a Game Over when they lose three lives.

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